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Bespoke Virtual Tours

Opening up the World

We create bespoke 360 3D Virtual Tours to give you business solutions which will captivate your audience and promote your organisation. Our tours have endless applications ranging from marketing to education and can be used across a wide range of industries such as Real Estate, Vacation Homes, Engineering and Construction, Motor, Travel and Hospitality, Insurance, Heritage and many more.


The tours are perfect for displaying on both desktop and mobile devices but when used in conjunction with a Virtual Reality (VR) headset you can receive a truly immersive experience.


Please view our Recent Projects page to get a better understanding of what we do. Click HERE to contact us for more information. 

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Try this example

Not just a virtual tour...

You'll quickly discover by exploring one of our virtual tours that we create something special. It's not just panoramic images jumping from room to room like most companies provide. The "walk through" is smooth and realistic allowing the user to seamlessly move through the space, exploring it at their leisure.

But that's not all, read on to learn more.  

Doll House.jpg

Dollhouse View

Because we use infrared sensors to scan and measure the building we can create a 3D model allowing viewers to understand the fundamental layout and scaling of the space. This image can be manipulated using the mouse buttons and scroll wheel.

Simply click back on the model to enter the walk-through at any point you like.

Click on the           icon in the sample tour to try.

Tour Controls 3.PNG
Floor Plan View.PNG

Floor Plan View

The 2D floor plan view shows the layout of the building. Individual rooms, areas or items can be labelled to give the viewer a clear understanding about how to get from one area to another.

In case you need a 2D schematic floor plan with dimensions we can provide that for you!   

Click on the           icon in the sample tour to try.

Tour Controls.PNG
Highlight Reel.PNG

Highlight Reel (& Auto-play)

The highlight reel allows the user to jump to particular places in the tour (rather than walking through manually). The locations are user defined so you can choose what you need to highlight in your tour.

By using the auto-play function, the tour will run through the highlight reel in sequence, scanning each location in turn.

Click on the                  icons in the sample tour to try.

Tour Controls.PNG

Information Tags

Colour-coded tags can be inserted into the tour at any point. When clicked, a mini-window opens, showing a text description of the item or area. This text can also include a URL link to open a website directly from the tag. In addition, online media such as video or still images can be displayed.

By using tags, the virtual tour can be transformed into a great tool to give the user unlimited information.

Virtual Reality Device

Immersive 3D View

Each Tour is 3D ready and can be viewed through a VR Headset allowing the user to have an truly immersive experience.

This possibility is great for any business who wants to really promote fine detail in a space and allows the user to feel what it is like to actually be there.



Using the data - AEC

As we build a 3D model we collect a huge amount of data which can be used for AEC (architecture, engineering & construction).


As an option we can provide colourised point cloud data and a mesh (.obj) file based on the space.

This data can be used by VR developers or jump-start "as built" designs. Please contact us for more details.

Google Map.PNG

Google Street View

We can also add your business virtual tour to Google Street View™ & Google Maps™ allowing anyone to view simply by searching online. This is particularly beneficial for restaurants, pubs & shops. 

Please contact us directly for more details.

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And so much more...

Actually, we're just scratching the surface, there are many more useful functions we can apply to our virtual tours so if you have a specific request, please contact us to discuss!

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